Vantage point

Monday, December 19, 2005


Here is my response to Chetan. I am speaking for myself and not the Cartel as a whole.

1. Logical Fallacies
If someone makes logical fallacies during debates, we call them. If we make them, we have no problems in their being called. But reacting to our pointing out of logical fallacies by just ridiculing us, is itself another logical fallacy. I notice that though Chetan has pointed out fallacies galore in posts we may have linked to, he still hasn't pointed out fallacies in stuff we ourselves have written.

2. Fallacies by Libertarians other than us
Chetan has pointed out fallacies by many other libertarians and asked us why we do not point those out. Dude, what business are we in? We are not logic vigilantes. We don't wear capes and prowl the streets at night preventing logical fallacies. If someone makes a logical fallacy while arguing with us, we'll point it out. If we make one, we'll accept responsibility for it. But if some other libertarians are making logial fallacies, why should we go about correcting them? It's the job of opponents of libertarianism.

3. No critical thinking about our own theories
Again, not true. Within the cartel, there are folks who adhere to different philosophies. Yazad and Chandru are anar-cap-lib, while most of the others are minarchists. Just a few days back I wrote a post about this. A few months back, I also wrote a post about a dilemma I faced because of the Imrana issue, something that Shanti linked to last week.

4. Anger at caricaturing the cartel
Chetan kept repeating this point again and again. Which Cartelian, at what point, reacted with anger at the Cartel being caricatured? Go ahead and caricature us. If caricatures are backed by solid critiques, like for Bidwai and A-Roy, those caricatures hold substance and endure. If not, they wither away.

5. Libertarian policies can never be "fully' implemented
Even if we grant this point for the sake of the argument, look at the points we make. Are we calling for an overthrow of the government? Hardly. In every field, we ask for a freer society and a freer economy. The free-est society is obviously our ideal, but we don't go about pushing that exact ideal down people's throat, do we? But if that ideal is attacked, we will obviously defend it.

6. Why not take a more centrist position?
Because my friend, we don't swing that way. Asking for accountability from the government is fine. I am never going to oppose that. I am just saying it is futile.

7. Sudhir Mishra
Dude, I know he's a leftist. Everyone knows he's a leftist. His interviews clearly indicate that. Which is what makes HKA an even better movie in my eyes that if it had been made by a non-leftist. And in our admiration of HKA lies our vindication.

These are responses to all the points you have made about me, or the cartel.

Rest of the comment is by and large a collection of your beliefs about politics and economics, which you are entitled to. I don't agree with most of the points you make though.