Vantage point

Monday, December 19, 2005


A few months ago, somebody mentioned a British show on weekends on Star World called "Coupling" and described it as a British 'FRIENDS'. I don't know exactly when it moved to monday nights, but a couple of weeks back I saw an episode, and saw another one yesterday.

The show is pure gold! It is not too much like FRIENDS, except for the fact that it's about 3 guys and 3 girls. In content, tone and characterisation it's actually a lot closer to Seinfeld, in the sense that it has a lot more layers than FRIENDS. But it is also very real, and not in the farcial domain like Seinfeld. Again, like Seinfeld, it is a show that makes you laugh out loud and long.

Ever since Frasier, FRIENDS, and Everybody Loves Raymond wound up last year, and every good show has something to do with Reality, I thought the age of the great sitcoms is dead. Here is a British one that keeps the comedy flag flying though.

Brilliant show, and needs to be promoted a lot better by Star. Watch it, Monday nights.