Vantage point

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Extremely Pissed Off!!!

I am extremely pissed off at this one particular blogger. But as livid as I am, I realise he is doing this, just as he does most things, just to draw more attention to his pathetic and slimy self. So I will not name or link him and subject readers to his malevolent venom.

There are several reasons to feel disgust for this person. He is the lowest of low lives. He is always trying to get my goat and usually succeeds. But I tend to dismiss his efforts as attention-seeking grunts by a mentally deranged psycho. He has found ways to ridicule and denigrate tsunami victims and volunteers, 26-7 victims and volunteers, charity, quake victims.... anyone who suffers. This person revels in poking fun at victims and being sanctimonious about it.

Today it crossed all limits for me, maybe because it got personal. While bloggers, and media all over admire and salute Manju, this is what the filthy f^kface had to say to Manju on this blog

And as far as the dude who died is concerned, here is my thing : you would be alive if you had used your head instead............but you did what you did

I wonder how many maggots died when this blogger was born.