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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

6 Test Wins in 6 Seconds

Would you be foolish enough to snatch the captaincy from a man capable of winning six tests in six seconds? Obviously not! Yet, the Indian selectors have done just that. They have sacked as captain Sourav Ganguly, a man who won 6 tests for India in six seconds.

Today as I read Times Sport in Times of India(Bombay edition), I came across this fact-box at the corner of the article

It says - "GUESS WHAT? With Ganguly's exit as captain his record is almost similar to Chappell's record.

Ganguly Tests - 49 Won - 15 Lost - 13
Chappell Tests - 48 Won - 14 Lost - 13

Six seconds later I read this fact box.

It showed Ganguly's record thus -

Ganguly Tests - 49 Won - 21 Lost - 13

Unbelievably, in a gap of six seconds that separated two fact boxes, Ganguy had won six test matches.

How can the selectors fire such a superman?