Vantage point

Saturday, July 30, 2005

What the hell?

Maybe I am being too emotional and sensitive, but I am just seething with anger at the snide tasteless remark made by Tilotamma over here at Nilu's blog.

She says - Now brace yourself for the deluge of self-congratulations which the 'Mumbaikars' are going to drown us in.

For being the greatest city ever just for coming out of the monsoons alive.

Kadavule kapathu appa!

Even on Sepia Mutiny, this lady is taking a very cynical tone.

Speaking from a personal point of view, when I praise Mumbai's spirit and generosity, I am not spitting on Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore or Calcutta(that i do when i am discussing rickshaws and taxis :)). Will the display of this "spirit" be evident if such a calamity is repeated elsewhere? Maybe.

All I know is that there were thousands of people in Mumbai who had escaped the wrath of the rains thanks to their good fortune. They could so easily have stayed at home, drinking tea and reading books. Instead these people went to the streets, helping out the unfortunate ones.

Particularly heart-warming are the several instances of people who stood around manholes in their areas in pouring rain to make sure that the folks walking home don't fall in them.

This spirit of Mumbai is evident at all times, not just in times of crisis.

Is a similar spirit evident in other cities too? Maybe. Personally I have experienced such "spirit" in Lucknow too. I am sure there must have been several instances of such "spirit" during the tsunami too. Document and applaud it.

But snide comments underplaying the magnitude of the catastrophe faced, especially at a time when thousands are still picking up pieces of their shattered lives? That's just cruel.