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Friday, April 15, 2005

Someachaar - Rameez Raja Banned for Six Tests

Kanpur - The ICC has banned Rameez Raja from doing commentary for 6 matches, after he was found guilty of repeated mispronunciation of cricketer's names. The ban came after he was officially reprimanded at the end of the Ahmedabad one-dayer for the same offence, and was warned that a repeat will get him a stern punishment.

ICC Match referee Chris Broad, while watching the highlights of the match, noticed that Raja was pronouncing the name of Virender Sehwag as "Varindar" Sehwag, Yuvraj Singh as "Yovraj Singh", and Rahul Dravid as "Raool Draavid". Broad found this in violation of the ICC Code of Conduct for commentators Rule 420 and summoned Raja for a hearing. He was let off with a reprimand.

However, during the Kanpur one-dayer, Broad noticed Raja repeating his errors. Under the ICC rules, Broad had no option but to ban Raja from commentary for six matches.

Rameez Raja is planning to protest this decision by taking a hair-cut.

Of course, this post is fictional. Rameez Raja is the second-worst commentator in the world. Of course, Tony Greig reigns at the top unchallenged.