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Saturday, April 02, 2005

The Most Remarkable Thing about the Kochi ODI....

... for me was nor Dravid's well crafted century, nor was it Sehwag's "Guardian Angel Toiling Round the Clock" century, nor was it Tendulkar's five wicket haul, and nor was it Sehwag's decision to do away with the ceremony of being presented the Man of the Match award, and helping himself to it.

The most remarkable thing for me was that one of the dignitaries at the Presentation Ceremony was a fellow named "Presentation"!!!!! I had heard about funny names being the norm in Kerala, but this is just too much!

I was rolling on the floor laughing, and completely missed whatever Inzi and Ganguly had to say. I finally managed to stop laughing only to see the dignitaries (Mr. Presentation included) watch flabbergasted as Virender Sehwag coolly walked to the table, picked up the Man of the Match award, and walked off, robbing one of them of a photo-op.

Update: After making this post, and laughing again for a good fifteen minutes, I realise that the reader might respond with a combination of scorn and skepticism. Some may even minsinterpret this as a delayed April Fool prank. So I decided to get some proof of this fellow's existence, using my old friend, Google.

At first, it was impossible. How can you search for a guy named presentation? But then finally, I somehow managed to zero in on a news article that mentions him. His full name is Dominic Presentation (short break for another guffawing attack), and he is the Sports Minister of Kerala.

This article from The Hindu is the proof.

And notice, that the guy is Minister for Sports, Fisheries, and Airports!!!!! That is one eclectic combination of portfolios!!

Oh God, I can't remember the last time my stomach muscles were aching from laughing this much. A guy named "Presentation".....Minister for Sports, Fisheries and Airports.... Oh somebody save me!!!