Vantage point

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Dance Bar Ban

Let us tackle this point in 2 aspects -

1. Is going to dance bars wrong?
2. Do dance bars make people criminals?

I don't think going to dance bars is wrong. I myself have never been to one, i don't smoke and I hardly drink. But those who do, make a personal choice about how to spend their own time and money. So who am I to stop them from doing so? What exactly is an "evil public act"? Who defines it? Is drinking a crime according to our constitution? No. Is dancing a crime according to our constitution? No. Then why is it a crime to have a place where people do these two legal things? Because you or me, or someone else views it as evil and dirty? If we do, then we shouldn't do those things. but what right do we have to stop others in a free country? How are we then diffeerent from the Taliban or the Saudi government which believes women driving cars is an evil act, or women wearing jeans and leaving their head uncovered is an evil act? What all are you going to ban? This is India, a free country. Let people do what they want.

A lot of our stone sculptures like those at Ajanta, Ellora, Karla, Konark etc show men and women intoxicated and having sex. Should we destroy these sculptures because they show "evil acts" the way Taliban destroyed the Bamiyan Buddhas?

Now on to the second point. Do dance bars lead to the growth of crime?

I don't get how. You think that if you close down dance bars, criminals will stop employing jobless villagers? That is precisely what I am poking fun at. Criminals can meet anywhere, and recruit young men anywhere. How is the place relevant? the reason for the young men taking to crime is not because they are asked to do so in a dance bar. it is because they are jobless, and they need money to eat food, and wear clothes. The reason behind crime is unemployment and a corrupt legal system.

However politicians like Patil succeed in not tackling the real issues like corruption, crime rate, unemployment, because they know they can raise non-issues like dance bars or james laine, or valentine's day, and get the common people emotionally involved. So the next time R.R.Patil goes to a village, the villagers wont ask him why there is no electricity in their village, why the policemen are corrupt, why there is no water. No, instead people will hail him for closing down dance bars and going after James Laine.

Meanwhile, thousands of bar girls are rendered jobless inspite of doing nothing wrong. Actresses do the same thing on camera and earn millions. I am sure you too have some favourite actress you admire. Bar girls were doing the same in a restaurant and earning just 1/1000th the money to make a living. But R.R.Patil won't even let that happen.