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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Comments Corner

I have decided to make a post every weekend about the interesting mails I received from readers.

Swapneel Shah, responding to the Rameez Raja SomeAchaar, writes "I think that you guys are mistaken. Since the aforementioned 'mis'takes were by WAQAR Younis and not Rameez RAJA.

I think Waqar is the worst ever commentator to lay his ass in the box. He even mis-pronounced names of people from his own country wrongly - Row Iftikhar, etc.

He doesn't even flinch an inch after making his mistakes. It is as though he does not even think about what he has just spoken, Kamran Akmal was recovered and not discovered in this series.

He is praising Shoaib Akhtar (surprisingly after his much publicized altercations) and then say there is no way, having him in the team can benefit the Pak team and I hear him call Salman Butt Salman Khan on numerous occassions during the Channel Nine commentary during the Pak-Aus tour. It was an insult to Richie Benuad to even ask him to sit next to this son of a *itch."

Sandeep Kumar disputed my judgement on Greig being the worst commentator and votes from Voicebot Shastri instead. I disagree. Greig has all of Shastri's flaws, and a few dozen of his own.

Keerthivasan Rajamani defends the Delhi crowd disrupting the Kotla one-dayer "I really dont see something wrong, in the crowd throwing bottles and other stuffs on Pakistani fielders. I mean i do not support the act, but the act is understandable.

Nobody sees India Pakistan match as just a cricket match, but as a war of nations. Otherwise, why is it given so much of importance. People are naturally frustrated. Their reaction is what we have been seeing throughout. Banglore audience not behaving like that is debatable. Do not expect maturity out of public, and if they are really mature, then nobody will come down to watch the match at all. They would sit on Television and watch the match, and the entire game will die."

I agree about one point, and that is the Bangalore crowd. I remember many years back, the Bangalore crowd disrupting a match. I think it was an Azhar dismissal to a bad decision that set it off.

Satyen Kale responding to the R. R. patil SomeAchaar writes "also check out R. R. Patil's profile on

An excerpt: "Shri R.R. Patil Ex. President Nationalist Congress Party Maharashtra Pradesh and Dy. Chief Minister Goverment of Maharashtra
Born on 16th August 1958 at Anjani Taluka Tasgoan Zillah Sangli
He educated B.A ( Hons) LLB ( Special)
He Knows English. Hindi, Marathi
He married to wife Suman and he has two children"

also check out the article "R. R. Patil gives up tobacco". Hilarious!"

Ujjwal Deole jumps to Patil's defence "First of all I think you have misquoted RR Patil. He said that criminals go to such dance bars and villagers who have no jobs spend money unnecessarily in these bars. He meant that, these villagers thus develop a contact with these criminals and thus dance bars have become a place of encouraging or pushing people into crime. And with this reasoning I totally support his call of closing down all the dance

Secondly, even if he didnt mean the above logic, there is a lot of
difference between a dance bar and airport, buses etc. Firstly,
travelling by bus, planes, restaurants is not an evil public act.
However, visiting dance bars and indulging in dirty acts and
intoxicating is an evil public act. Hence the cases are different.

Dharmendra D, on the same topic, writes "you must read "fahrenheit 451" by ray bradbury for a good account of what restricting things can do :)"

The email I wrote in response to Ujjwal is being put up as a separate post.