Vantage point

Monday, March 07, 2005


This long break in blogging was on account of a long weekend spent in Shimla. I was there for the IBM xSeries team meet, meant to celebrate our Number 1 position in the Indian market in 2004.

We left for Delhi on Thursday, 3rd March. As a Qualis drove us out of the Delhi airport, a huge group of folks carrying black flags were seen marching in. Apparently some Jharkhand legislators were expected to land, and these fine gentlemen with the black flags were BJP workers, intending to express their disgust at the actions of a fellow named Sibtey Rizvi.

Now, Sibtey Rizvi has been getting a lot of flak from all quarters for his actions. But let me direct the blame towards the deserving parties. The fault lies with his parents. Anyone who gives their kid a name as ridiculous as "Sibtey" was doomed to a flak-ful life. Imagine little Sibtey growing up. In school, his social life was muffled in its infancy amongs peals of laughters when he introduced himself. No one wanted to hang out with a "Sibtey". No girl would play footsie with a "Sibtey".

Gradually he became an outcast, and on a dark gloomy day, he took a vow. That one day he would get back at this cruel world by inviting to form the Jharkhand government, a fellow who does not have the support of a majority of legislators. What better way to punish the world for torturing him, for condemning him just because of his name?