Vantage point

Saturday, March 26, 2005

How to celebrate Holi

You could play with herbal colours, drink bhaang, and hallucinate in your back yard, but nothing beats celebrating Holi by watching Virender Sehwag score an exquisite double century. He is hands down my favourite cricketer at the moment, and Amit Varma gets it right when he says "Virender Sehwag plays cricket as if he is making love, with lust and abandon."

His innings today was a bit more restrained than usual, and I can't help thinking that it was because of his wife's presence in the stands. He didn't want to look silly getting out to a rash shot, or missing a milestone. So he slowed down after eighty. But the "slowing down" was also Sehwag-esque. By slowing down, i don't mean he played out entire overs with a dead bat. He just took quick singles and rotated the strike easily. Eventually he got his tenth hundred after lunch.

However, as he approached the double, Inzimam brought on Kaneria who has been Sehwag's "bitch" in this series, if you will pardon the unparliamentary language. Sehwag treated Kaneria the same way a prisoner denied any conjugal visits for a decade would treat Katrina Kaif if she was sent to his cell. He raced to his double hundred in no time.

Of course, Kaneria got him immediately afterwards, but then in cricket, as in prison, you win some, you lose some.

The highlight of the innings for me was when kaneria would bowl a negative line from round the wicket, and Sehwag would open the face of the bat and guide the ball to point and pick up runs. It was hilarious and stylish at the same time.