Vantage point

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Zest, Paud Road

Reading this post by Amit Varma reminds me of Zest.

The best cold coffee in the world can be had at Zest on paud Road in Pune. Sarika will support me on this. It has the usual ongredients of course - milk, coffee, sugar, a bit of chocolate. But I don't know what magical proportion they have stumbled upon, it just takes you on a different level of existence as you are sipping it.

The world suddenly seems like a very fair place. You start thinking, "OK, so there are the negatives, like traffic, and work, Kareena Kapoor and Justin langer, but the world also offers you immense positives like cold coffe at Zest, and that too for just 20 rupees!!" Then you finish the coffee, and suddenly the world starts turning dark. So you have one more cold coffee.

And so it goes on...