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Sunday, October 19, 2003

Pune's own Hell's Angels?

Such hilarious articles are the speciality of Sakal, the leading Marathi daily of Pune. Not only do they manage to uncover the funniest and weirdest stories because of their extensive network of correspondents in the city, often readers too forward such kisse to them.

This particular article had me in splits.

Once you go to the page, read the story in the lower half, the one titled
"ChheD kaadhNaarya yuvaanetyaas mahilaancha prasaad". (Eveteasing youth politician gets a "taste" of women)

For those who can't read marathi, here is a gist of what the articles says -

This self styled "youth politician" ( In India this term refers to a man between the ages of 20 and 40 who can't get even the lowest paying job and so joins a political party) from Shivajinagar made some comments about a particular girl from Pandavnagar while passing her on the road. The girl was tolerant for 2-3 days and ignored him but when he called her 'Dimple Kapadia', her patience crossed all limits.
(This is where I burst out laughing for the first time. I wonder how Dimple would react to this piece of info :-P)

The girl informed a few ladies around her on the street about what our "youth politician" had been doing. The ladies got so upset that they immediately marched to the guy's house in a big group. They entered his house and....the article euphemistically implies....beat him up black and blue. After that they dragged him to the Pandavnagar police station and handed him over to the cops.

This news reached the ears of the City Chief of the guy's party. Funnily enough, a leader of the opposition party also got wind of it, and both of them landed up at the Police Station at the same time. The CityChief tried to make the police let the guy go with a warning, while the opposition fellow err... opposed it. Finally the opposition fellow, true to his opposition status, withdrew his opposition and the casanova youth politician was let off without a formal complaint being lodged against him.

The article ends in a typical Sakal manner -

When you indulge in eve-teasing in a city like Pune, which is the bastion of culture (Sanskrutik maaherghar), you get a sobering "taste" of what Pune women are capable of - this lesson was learnt by the youth politician belonging to a party that claims to be a protector of culture (implying that the guy was probably from the Shivsena or BJP). However because of some politicking by his mentors, he could not experience a "taste" of what the Pune police are capable of. The women of Pandavnagar are furious about this turn of events and are now thinking if something can be done to the policemen along with the youth politician.