Vantage point

Thursday, May 29, 2003


We regret to inform you that yesterday, 28th May 2003, one of our most beloved journals Anya's Dreamscapes passed away. It expired after its life support system was cut off by authoress Miss Sukanya.

For the past one year, this journal/blog has been THE most popular Indian journal with all sorts of people visiting it. What set it apart from the rest was the sheer brilliance of Miss Verma's writing. It was about nothing in particular and yet it was about everything. It told us about Suku's life in its own anonymous way. We never learnt many details, but whatever few words she posted everyday were a source of joy, elation, amusement, sorrow....any of the emotions. What is important is whatever she wrote always touched our heart. It seemed as if we had a ringside seat to the game that went on inside Suku's head....and heart.

Sukanya's readers cut across all ages, nationalities and mentalities. Her decision to shut down this journal will cause heartache in 200-odd bosoms all over the world. Everyone is addicted to the effervecsent and lovable spirit which personifies "Anya's Dreamscapes". It is going to be a hard addiction to kick.

We hope the spirit which has drawn netizens to the journal like moths to a flame, will continue to prosper and spread happiness in many lives.


p.s - I will miss your posts, Suku