Vantage point

Friday, September 19, 2008

Has to be Fox News

Was on the john this morning. Could hear the TV. The wife was flipping through channels between the morning news shows. And I hear Tony Blair's voice. The guy has been hitting the news circuit since yesterday to talk about some course he is teaching on faith and globalization(!). he talks a bit about the course and other things. Then I hear,

Anchor: Before you go, one last question. I am sure you have been following the rise of Governor Palin. A lot of people have been comparing Sarah Palin to Margaret Thatcher recently. Do you agree with the comparison?
Blair: Well, I don't really want to comment about America's domestic politics.

I came out and said to the wife "That had to be Fox News". And sure enough it was. Only people on Fox News and/or people under the influence of unusually strong hallucinogens would even think of mentioning Palin and Thatcher in the same sentence. You could almost sense Blair's desire to laugh out loud, but he made a good save with the diplomatic answer.