Vantage point

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Is there such a thing as Monkey Fatigue?

Here we go again. The Australians lose and up comes another allegation - Harbhajan made monkey gestures at the crowd and spat at them. And this controversy has illuminated me about another vignette of Aussie culture - spitting in someone's general direction (not spitting "at" them) apparently crosses the line!

"He was copping a lot of abuse, but spitting is not on in my book. That's a bit out of line."

Maybe he should have taken a leaf out of John Cleese's book - blown his nose at the crowd and farted in their general direction.

I don't think the spitting is a problem, but the monkey gestures might get him on trouble. The standard defence that would spring to the minds of the Indian team management is - Bhajji has itchy armpits.

Bu here's what Bhajji should say instead - "I wanted to say to the crowd "tum sab ki maa ki..."... but they couldnt hear me, so to signal to them I gestured like a monkey. They think monkey-maaki is the same, so this should be an acceptable physical sempahore for "teri maaki"

Is anyone else experiencing monkey fatigue?