Vantage point

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

If McCain Wins!

If John McCain wins the Republican nomination, which he seems to be on course to do given his delegate count so far, and the polls for Feb 5th, it will be beyond hilarious. Before the campaign started, the big issue for Republicans was supposedly immigration. Pressure from the Republican base is what supposedly caused the failure of the 2007 immigration reform bill in Congress. And if you have read or heard conservative pundits on TV, another of their bugbears is campaign finance reforms.

Funnily enough, not only is McCain opposed to the Republican positions on these issues, he effing co-wrote both the bills with Democrats! Campaign reforms were ushered in by McCain-Feingold and the comprehensive immigration reform bill was first introduced by McCain-Kennedy. If he manages to win the nomination despite spearheading the charge against two of the Republicans' topmost ideological positions, it will be funny. Add on top of it, his relatively moderate stance on gay marriages, his flip-flops on gun control and his support for stem cell research and all you have left where he is in lock-step with the Republicans is the anti-abortion issue where he has a perfect record.

And this man might win the Republican nomination. Can a whole party be treated for schizophrenia?