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Thursday, January 25, 2007

The State of the Union Address Party

A couple of days back, I was invited to a State of the Union Address Party. As far as party names go, I don't think it can get more unenticing. Maybe a Balancing the Budget Party or File Your Tax Returns Party could out-unshine the name. So frankly, I wasn't expecting much from it. Just a dozen or so American college students listening to Bush's speech.

The evnt however was fantastic. Sure enough, there was a TV tuned to C-Span. Sure enough there were a dozen or so American college students. But there was also a board on top of the TV. It listed some words like - freedom, Iraq, terrorism, Baghdad, Al Qaeda, nukular, half-an-ovation etc. Next to them was written "Take One Swig". And there were some more rarer words, next to which was written "Take Two Swigs". And needless to say, there was copious amounts of alcohol.

As you can guess, we were all pretty stinko by the time the speech ended and Sen. Jim Webb felt compelled to list his family's military record for a reason we weren't sure of when drunk, and have not been able to figure out even sober.

You folks in India have to play this game tomorrow during Manmohan's Republic Day Speech.

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