Vantage point

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Worst Punishment in Hell....

..reserved for the worst sinners, would definitely be strapping them to a seat, forcibly keeping their eyes open ('A Clockwork Orange' style), and making them watch Shaadi No 1, the latest David Dhawan film.

Nuff said!

P.S - In my defence, my intention was not to go and watch the movie. I had gone to the multiplex to watch the much acclaimed Marathi movie 'Sarivar sari'. It was sold out. The only other options were either the aforementioned monstrosity, or the Kareena-Salman starrer Kyun Ki. Or else, go home. I suspect going home would have been the most sensible option. Meanwhile, if any of you have seen Sarivar Sari, mail me your opinions. If it really is good, I may try to book tickets in advance and watch it.