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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Silence...

... on this blog has been because of a paucity of time. Never knew quitting one's job could make one so busy. ;)

On a serious note though, a few developments that I would like to mention and talk about -

Firstly, Varna also being sent what proclaims to be a "judicially notarized" email. This matter is bizarre for several reasons. One being that she has been threatened with a 175 crore lawsuit. How the number has been arrived at is not made clear. Secondly, A Sandeep, in today's Indian Express, denies knowledge of any such notice. So where did it come from? And out of the hundreds of bloggers who came out supporting me, why has Varna been singled out for a lawsuit? Is it because a 21-year old girl from their own city, Delhi, seems like an easy target? Varna however shows stomach for a fight. I applaud her.

Secondly, of significant importance is the blog of Dr. Amit Kapoor. He is the teacher I have mentioned in my first post, who told us about AC's dubious academic credentials. In the mail sent to me by IIPM, along with a 17 page document, there is still no clarification given about this matter. Dr. Kapoor writes about the issue with a great deal of passion here and here.

There have been a lot of people offering me job interviews and even actual jobs over the last few days. I can only say that I am touched and overwhelmed by this support I have received. The past couple of days have been hectic and the next few days will be as well. I will think about my next job after a few days, when the dust settles a bit. This is for two reasons. One is that things are very hectic right now with stories coming out in the mainstream media, and I would not be able to focus on the job immediately. Secondly, I would like my employers to judge and hire me on the basis of an objective evaluation of my abilities, and not the halo effect of my decision to quit. The evaluation will be much more objective a few days down the line, and I will alo be sure that I got my next job due to my professional abilities rather than a decision taken on the personal front. I quit my job because I did not want my company to be affected by my personal convictions, and in the same line of thought, I would not like to cash in on a wave of appreciation arising out of my personal convictions to get a job.

So yes, I will be sending out my resume. A guy's gotta eat, after all. But it will be after a week or so.

By the way, this entire issue is being covered excellently on Desipundit, so keep visiting it for updates.