Vantage point

Monday, November 10, 2003

Today I found a blog I really really liked. Gorgeous Diva writes really well. And you know what? She has an anonymous troll leaving stupid comments as well.

It is almost as if every blog has one. Suku has one, Bijoy was 'stalked' by one for ages, Vikram has one, and I have the 30-ish balding stinking baloon of hot air who goes by the (no)name Ag.

I wonder what sort of people feel compelled to leave such comments. And if they really dislike something so much, or if they take so much pleasure in putting down someone, why don't they leave their names?

These are people who were probably spoilt or mistreated kids suffering from an acute inferiority complex...........which arises from the fact that they are probably inferior to almost everyone they know. However they want to boost their own egos. Since they cant do this by feeling proud about their own talents or accomplishments........thanks to the utter and total absence of any such things........they feel they can do so by berating others and stabbing holes into others' work. So if they take a potshot at someone, it gives them a depraved sense of accomplishment.

However they are too chicken to stand by their own opinions since these opinions are based more on a desire to feed their own ego rather than actually make a valid criticism. So rather than let such brittle comments be associated with them, they take the cowardly way out and leave disparaging anonymous comments.

This is the same instinct that drives vandals, crank callers, or jerks who scratch abusive things into public benches or walls.

Here is my advice to all blog-trolls in general (and to Ag in particular) - Either have the fortitude to identify yourself and then leave such, or else jump up your own ass and commit suicide. You are considered as a Public Enema Number One* anyway.

If you visit Gorgeous' blog, you will learn that finally the 'anonymous asswipe' did give a name. I wish the ag's of this world would have the balls to do so too.

* - joke borrowed from Shashi Tharoor's 'Great Indian Novel'