Vantage point

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Some guys have it all. It is as if they were sired by the creator himself.

I know one such guy.

He is intelligent, very good at academics. Did his Computer Engineering with excellent marks and is currently doing his Masters in the US. He is great at almost each and every sport there is. In cricket, he bowls superfast and has a good hand-eye co-ordination. He swims very well and plays excellent water polo. He is great at almost every sport, right from table tennis and badminton to even cerebral games like chess. And yes, he is good at computer games like NFS too ;-P.

He is quite good looking (girls would be more eloquent on this trait). He is an excellent artist. His paintings, especially his seascapes are absolutely top notch. He is great with musical instruments too, adept at playing the synth and the tabla. He is also a good writer and a writes great poems.

You know, there is literally nothing the guy can't do.

And yes, now he has started blogging as well. Please welcome Chaitanya Gharpure to my blogroll.