Vantage point

Monday, December 30, 2002


Reliance has come out with its supposedly revolutionary 'limited mobility' phone services. Initially, Anil and wife Tina used to hog all the media limelight on the Ambani family's behalf, but recently, all you see is the toothy Mukesh ranting and raving about their offering, and the late Dhirubhai's mugshot plastered on all channels.

Well, I know that the Ambanis are brilliant at business, and know how to make a fast buck efficiently, but the ads make it seem as if Dhirubhai was some philanthropist who only had the nation's well-being at heart and money was not of any importance. Mahatma Dhirubhai is what they fall short of calling him.

Come on, Ambu's, we know you've poured a lot into Infocomm, but don't vie for the Nobel Prize here. And before I forget, one phone for me. ;-)