Vantage point

Monday, December 21, 2009

Eye-opening News for the "India should be Israel" crowd

One of my pet peeves is large swathes of Indians who, for reasons unconnected to reality, believe that India is a soft pliant nation when it comes to dealing with terrorists (which it may or may not be), and we should be more like Israel which is resolute and uncompromising (which is total bullshit). Such people take the Rubaiyya Sayed kidnapping as the example for Indian yellowness, Entebbe raid as the example for Israeli intrepidness, and keep repeating their ignorant lament ad nauseum.

I have in the past blogged about occasions when Israel has released hundreds of prisoners, among them child-murderers, for the sake of a handful of their soldiers, and one occasion, just for a dead body! It is about to happen again. Israel is expected to announce very soon a deal under which they will release 1000 Hamas prisoners (some of them hardened killers) in exchange for soldier held captive. Those of you who want India to emulate Israel when it coems to terrorism, chew on that.