Vantage point

Thursday, January 08, 2009

My Boyfriend and My Girlfriend!!

My most beloved man on television interviews my most beloved woman on television. Jon Stewart is funny, smart, incisive, and no matter how tricky the situation is, always knows the right things to say. And although I don't always agree with Rachel Maddow ideologically, she brings to news the kind of intellectual honesty, insightfulness and meaningful dialog that I expected to see on American new channels when I came to this country, but never did until her show started.

My wife, knowing fully well my admiration for the two, has generously made a concession - the only time I am allowed to cheat on her is if I have a threesome with Jon and Rachel. Of course, neither Jon (presumably!!) nor I are into men, and neither is Rachel, so it is an easy concession for the wife to make.