Vantage point

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Excessive Romanticization of Israel's Spine

Four years ago, I wrote a post about how several people (usually Hindu) in India talk about Israel with misty eyes. How resolute Israel is, how strong they are and how uncompromising their attitude is when dealing with terrorists. They wince at the BJP's IC-814 Kandahar capitulation, and talk glowingly about the Entebbe raid. India, they argue is a soft state, and we should learn more from Israel about how to deal with terrorist blackmail. Back then, I wrote the post after Israel had completed a bargain with terrorists, clearly to the terrorists' advantage. They had released 400 prisoners (mostly terrorists) in exchange for one hostage and some dead bodies.

Well, it has happened again. This time, there isn't even a single living Israeli hostage. Hezbollah just gave Israel dead bodies of their soldiers, and in exchange, Israel handed over some dead bodies, and released 5 dangerous terrorists, including one man who killed a 4 year old Israeli girl with his rifle butt.

Yes, releasing the terrorists after the Kandahar hijack was wrong, and negotiating with terrorists is wrong. Let us focus on that. Let us not over-romanticize Israeli policy.