Vantage point

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Absolute Freedom

I have written before about how stupid and contradictory I find the line of thought - freedom comes with responsibility. Freedom is freedom. No caveats. And like Ganhiji once said, it should include the freedom to be wrong.

The most convincing counter-argument against "freedom comes with responsibility" is the abortion debate in the US. With oral contraceptives, condoms, and the age-old technique of 'strategic withdrawl', if a women who has an unwanted pregnancy is not a rape victim, then she is just stupid. Astoundingly and remarkably stupid. And irresponsible. Yet, most of us, including me, support the right to choose. The right to choose is the same as the right to be incredibly stupid. Because that is what freedom means.

P.S - I wonder if those who believe "freedom comes with responsibility" are also pro-life.