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Monday, March 12, 2007

Move to the EXTREME left after ordering

I finally visited one of my personal shrines. The soup place of Al Yeganey, the man who inspired the Soup Nazi episode from Seinfeld. The "ordering instructions" were just like from Seinfeld. Move to the extreme left after ordering.

The soup itself was well worth the hype. I ordered Mulligatawny (though the image of Newman drooling out the word "Jambalayaaa" tried its best to make me reconsider) and my friend ordered the NECC (Not the National Egg Coordination Committee, but New England Clam Chowder). We got a bread roll, a plum and a lindt chocolate compimentary. Everything was wolfed down with alacrity.

I am travelling for spring break. Have been in NYC and Princeton for the last few days. Will be going to LA tomorrow.

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