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Monday, March 05, 2007

Introduction to Google

Dear Friend(you know who you are),

Allow me to introduce to you a really amazing website called It is really outstanding. It is what is known as a search engine, and is the top market share holder in its category. As the name suggests, it is an engine for searching. Searching what, you ask? Searching the internet for any information you would like.

It really is quite simple. You just enter whatever words you are searching for in the space provided. Then click the "Google Search" button, and it throws up results for pages which contain the information about those words.

For instance, when you sent me the mail about the Olympic Torch Virus. The mail informed me that the virus would destroy the zero sector of my hard drive. Naturally, this was a piece of news. You also urged me to forward the email to all friends, family and contacts. But before I did so, I just entered "Olympic Torck Virus" in google. And all the search results I got informed me that it was a hoax. So I did not forward it to anyone.

I urge you to try this novel website called It is really useful.

Yours Sincerely,

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