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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ayyo Thundering Typhoons, Machaa

In a pre-match show before the India-Bangladesh clash, Krishnammachari Srikkanth rubbished any chances of an upset. He said Dhoni would hit 7 sixes in an over (one off a no ball) and overshadow Gibbs. When Anjum Chopra mentioned that Bangladesh had beaten New Zealand in a warm-up match, he pooh-pooh-ed what she said. Leave aside the fact that Anjum Chopra, who possesses more class, poise, erudition and knowledge than all the other DD panelists combined, is very clearly treated as a second-class expert by the host and everyone else. I have a more vital question to ask.

Is it just me or does Kris Srikkanth, in appearance as well as in temperament and propriety(or the lack of it), resemble Captain Haddock a little too much?

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