Vantage point

Sunday, November 05, 2006

First Snow... of sorts

Satyen and I headed out from my house towards NYC, when somewhere along South Atheron Street, I suspected that someone had been dusting their mattress or something. But then Satyen informed me that the stuff across our windshield was not a shower of lint but was actually snow. Yes, my first official snow, but very very sparse.

Around the corner we were to pick up Savitri. She was standing there beaming and looking towards the sky. She and I exchanged the "It's's snowing!!!!" greeting customary for FOBs who see snow for the first time. Both of us were hoping it will intensify. Satyen on the other hand was thinking more on the lines of "Snow snow go away, come again another day", since he had to drive.

Eventually the Snow Gods (which is what Rain Gods are called at or below 32F) found more merit in Satyen's arguments over mine and Savitri's. And the snow disappeared.

So while technically I've experienced my first snow, I am hoping for my second snow to be more wholesome.