Vantage point

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Apologies as Tradable Commodities

I have written previously about how demanding an apology is pretty much the most pathetic thing someone can do. But when there's demand for something, there's opportunity for trade.

So I propose the setting up of an Apologies Stock Exchange, and even an Apology Futures Market. A person can make the Initial Public Offering of a fixed number of his apologies at a face value. These apologies can then be traded in the market. When you feel the need to demand an apology from a person, you can just buy the apology from an existing shareholder.

Similarly there can be a futures market for apologies. Apology experts should be able to predict the periodicity of apology demands, and then guess their future prices accordingly.

I announce an IPO of 1 million of my apologies at the face value of $10 each. As soon as I find a book-builder, I'll release ads in the press about my offer. I expect it to be heavily over-subscribed.