Vantage point

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

We Kinda Like Los Angeles and Seattle

Ever since Kim Uncle went public with the news of a nuclear weapons test, the media has been hounding the American administration with several questions, a majority of which can be paraphrased as -

"In Iraq you had a dictator pursuing WMDs, oppressing his people, and threatening his neighbours. In North Korea you have the identical situation. Yet why the attack on Iraq and why the push for diplomacy and sanction with North Korea?"

I don't think the media really wants the American and North Korean armies to have a 55-years-after-reunion. They just want the White House to say that Iraq was a mistake.

The White House has been responding with several half-baked excuses like -

- All diplomatic options have not yet been exhausted with Pyongyang
- Neighbours have a say in it too
- The astrologer advises against it (OK, not this one)

Why doesn't Tony Snow give the real answer to that question, which will shut the media up - We kinda like Los Angeles and Seattle.