Vantage point

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Impressions of Washington DC

Overall, a bit underwhelming. It doesn't convey the sense of grandeur and importance that one expects from a place where decisions impacting the whole world are made. The White House at first glance made me feel the same thing that I felt when I saw the Taj Mahal at first glance. Of course as you go closer, and enter the Taj, it impresses you beyond description. And I obviously wasn't invited inside the White House, so Dubya's pad didn't get a full opportunity to impress me.

One view that takes your breath away is when you stand at the reflecting pool near the Lincoln Memorial at night and look at the Washington Memorial and the Capitol Building behind it.

Irony- A woman fusses a lot about the angle and the frame while clicking the picture of a particular section of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Looks very emotional and all. And after the picture is taken, while walking away tramples over a rose someone has placed near the meorial, and doesn't even notice it. Check the picture my friend Simon clicked -

Yes, it is true. All cab drivers are indeed brown.

Just outside Washington there is the "George Bush Centre for Intelligence". Yes I know, it is named after Bush Sr. And I know that Inteligence refers to the CIA type intelligence. Yet it is difficult not to laugh for a couple of minutes after reading "George Bush Centre for Intelligence".

Most Comfortable Beggar in the world - A visibly over-weight man sitting on the Starbucks table nursing two cups. One cup has coffee and the other cup has change. And as Starbucks customers pass him to sit down with their coffee, he asks them if they can spare some change.

Bishop Allen rocks. Download some songs from the website I say.

The French for 'Gilmore Girls' is 'Gilmore Girls'(don't even try to make sense of this observation).

Crossing the street when a marathon is running on it requires dexterity, agility, coordination and a lot of shamelessness.

Most DC license plates say "Taxation Without Representation". That really is a major beef they have with life.

The guy in charge of deciding street names in Washington was lazier than even me. Numbers, Letters and states. That's all. White House is on Pennsylvania Avenue. Woohoo!! Go PA!!

When you find a stack of Maggi Masala Noodles packets on the shelf of a store, buy them all.

Definition of "double bed" is singularly weird in Washington.