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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Liberal Killer!!

We have all heard the adage "befriend the enemy of your enemy". A modern day version of the same adage practised by compulsive knee-jerk left-liberals is "admire the crap out of the guy who hates the same guy you hate".

So liberals in India will almost compulsively gush about anyone who is against the BJP, or against America. Now I agree that the example of the first is Lalu Yadav and the example of the second is Hugo Chavez. But even more knee-jerk than admiring them for all the wrong reasons, is implying some kind of parallel between them.

Quite frankly, if I were Lalu Yadav, I would be deeply offended at being compared to Hugo Chavez. Lalu, especially in the last couple of years, has been doing a good job in the Railway Ministry. And while Lalu Yadav may be corrupt, boorish, and offensive, he is also a very smart man. Making Rabri the CM still remains in my eyes the canniest gambit played in the history of politics. Whatever you call Lalu Yadav, you can not call him dumb.

Whom can you call dumb? Hugo Chavez for one. There is no method to his madness. I won't go listing the senseless, stupid things he has done or said. And I don't really care whether he is boorish. But yesterday, he did something which many right-wingers in America have wet dreams about. And that was so dumb and so stupid.....hell, even George Bush seems like a Fields Medal nominee by comparison.

At the news conference after his melodramatic and rather boooooring speech(not even a fraction as entertaining as Lalu), he let slip this nugget -

"One of my greatest regret is not getting to meet Noam Chomsky before he died"

When I heard this, I was stunned for a second. Yes, getting back to acads has made me skip the newspaper once in a while over the last few days but surely, I could not have missed this bombshell. Chomsky died???

So Chavez did something which any red-blooded conservative in America would love to do. He killed Chomsky!!

Well not really. But yes, a part of Chomsky did die today. One of the many America-haters he expresses admiration towards is so clueless about Chomsky that he doesn't even know that the good Professor is very much among the living. It doesn't take too much thinking to figure out how much Chavez would actually know about Chomsky's writings.

Actually you can't blame Chavez. Remember, he is a hardcore Communist. And to any hardcore communist, killing off someone who expresses dissent with El Presidente is just natural human justice if you will. So what wrong did Chavez do in assuming that Chomsky, who has nothing good to say about the American President, had also been killed?

But seriously, my liberal friends, I advise you not to insinuate any parallels between Hugo Chavez, a certified dunce and Lalu Yadav, a flawed genius. Or the next time you are in the second class compartment of Indian Railways, instead of wanly composing prose on Indian poverty, you will find yourself being roughed up by some loyal Railway Police jawaans for sullying their boss's name.