Vantage point

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wai Wai, Wah Wah!

The Nepalis may have their failings, such as violently mourning their royal king's death, violently protesting the king's rule, violently protesting Hrithik Roshan's opinions, among others. But they sure can whip up some mean instant noodles. Wai Wai noodles have to be the best instant noodles I have ever had, whipping the Nissans and the Maggis of this world by a huge margin.

sarika used to rave about them a lot but they were never available in my locality. Then one day I saw the noddles stacked on the shelf of a shop. I bought his entire stock, which was a measly 4 packs. The noodles more than lived up to the hype Sarika had created. The noodle itself has character and crunchiness, and the seasoning, which among other things, apparently has shrimp in it, is to die for. The seasoning comes in 3 different tiny puches inside the pack.

The noodles can be had in 3 ways - You can either lunch it, i.e, cook it like maggi, with water and the season, or you can soup it, where you get soup-style noodles, or the best of them all - munch it. You just mix the seasoning with the uncooked noddles, and have a snack, since the noodles are pre-cooked and fried anyway. Directions for all 3 are given on the pack.

The price is great too, just 11 rupees. The only problem is with their distribution network. I very rarely see stocks in shops. The last time stocks arrived, I bought a dozen packs, and they are still beind rationed and savoured by me and Sarika. If they get the same push in the market as Maggi, Nestle will have a major problem on its hands.