Vantage point

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Give Up Your Seat, And Dont You Dare Protest!

Cops in Delhi beat up medical students protesting Mandal-2 peacefully.

Water cannons, teargas and lathi charge. Students of the top five medical colleges of Delhi were treated to these when they decided to demonstrate in a peaceful manner against the proposed 50 per cent reservations in medical colleges.

Girls were also manhandled and mistreated by male cops.

Girls from Lady Hardinge Medical College (LHMC) had a tough time too. “When we started from our college in the bus, a little distance away, several male cops got into the bus and pushed us around. Then, they forcibly evicted us from the buses at Jantar Mantar and surrounded us,” said one of the students who didn’t want to be named.
Shweta, another LHMC student, recounts, “Once we reached the area, the male cops manhandled the girls. We were beaten by lathis on our thighs.”

The message is loud and clear. Give up your seats peacefully. And if you dare to raise a chime of dissent, be ready to be manhandled, beaten up, threatened, blackmailed, lathi-charged and even molested.