Vantage point

Friday, March 03, 2006

Stupid is as stupid does

Bush's visit gave a lot of people opportunity to display their stupidity, ignorance, and complete lack of respect for private or public property.

The stupidity and ignorance came to fore in a story done by Times Now. They mingled with the crowds at the CPI(M)-SP anti-Bush rally and asked people exactly what they were protesting and why. The answers were so hilarious that they were tragic, ranging from a man saying he was there protesting Bush's hand behind the cooking gas price hike to another saying he was protesting Bush "drawing" the cartoons which insulted Islam.

Meanwhile a group of so-called intellectuals led by Syed Bukhari organised an anti-Bush rally in Mumbai. It attracted over a hundred thousand people, some of them forcing their way into Ladies compartments in local trains. After a shrill speech, the crowd destroyed public and private property around CST.

And as I type this, the TV channels are showing a group of 'protestors' on rampage in Lucknow, attacking shops, vehicles etc, roughing up people leading to 2 deaths to protest Bush's India visit. The state government of Mulayam Singh has undoubtedly instructed the police to be understanding of the "rage" of people.

Yes, that'll teach Bush to visit India, or so would be thinking Mulayam Singh, Prakash Karat, K L Bajaj and Syed Bukhari. The next time Bush decides to attack another country, he will think of the cars and shops owned by innocent people which were destroyed, the public property paid for by innocent people's taxes which was destroyed, the innocent men who were killed and the innocent women who were molested by the valiant "protestors". And he will shudder with fear and call off the invasion, eh, fellas?