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Friday, March 03, 2006

Calling BJP....Anybody Home?

I thought to myself a while back....hey remember that party which was in power until a couple of years back? Which still rules several states in India? What's its name...B-something. Yes, BJP!

Where on earth has it disappeared? Has it finally given up pretending to be an Opposition, since it is the Left which is acting as the de-facto opposition even as it continues to support the UPA government?

You just don't see the BJP around nowadays. Be it on the union budget, the Bush visit, the Iran vote or even the Nuclear deal issue, one can't hear even a peep out of the BJP. They are quiet about the Danish cartoon riots, have no opinion on the Amar Singh tap case. They are not warming the seats behind expert panels in TV news channel studios, hindi or english. (Except Prakash Jawadekar of course. Like a true blue Puneri, he has a dissenting view on every point. :))

Since there is not much that separates the policies of an in-power-Congress from an in-power-BJP, there is only so much that they can really attack the government about.

All this has been happening since 2004 you say. What has changed?

Well, the BJP isn't even embroiled in internal fights any more! No Uma Bharti vs rest of the world, or Pramod Mahajan vs anyone who cares, or Advani vs Nagpur. The BJP has almost gone underground!

Who is the current BJP President? It took me a few seconds of head-scratching to recall...oh yes, Rajnath Singh. When was the last time you saw him on TV, or on the front page? This near disappearance of BJP from public consciousness is rather strange.

I decide to enter "BJP" in Google News Search and check what results trun up on the 1st page. It's the best way to -

BJP to scrap Article 370 if it comes to power: Venkaiah
Ho hum. Even the Kashmiris don't take note of this empty boast any more.

BJP steps up demand for Central rule in UP
So what's new?

Sniffer dogs in Rajghat draw BJP's ire
BJP getting senti about insult to Gandhiji? LOL!!!! What next? Will BJP lambast Jyllands Posten?

BJP will have to wait in opposition till 2009: Mahajan
Thanks, Pramod. I have been trying to solve "2004 + 5 = ?" since so many days.

BJP asks govt to firmly raise India's concerns with the US
Good advice!

Abbas Naqvi flays PM's decision to receive Bush
Oh but wait, what's the next headline?

Naqvi's remarks on Manmohan his own: BJP
The party not backing its leaders' public statements has become so common that it is not even mildly amusing any more.

BJP criticises Punjab Govt.
Ooooh! Bet Amarinder's quaking in his boots!

well, you get the general idea. This utter confusion within the BJP is hilarious, baffling, and is also slightly alarming.

I have always believed that the least damaging scenario for India would be a de-facto two-party system with Congress and BJP being the two dominant players. Because the alternative, i.e either the greedy regional satraps, or the Left (same difference) are so much worse.

A decline in BJP's fortunes creates a vacuum which will only too happily be filled by the Left and the SP-BSP-LJP-types. And that is a scenario which makes me quake in my boots a lot more than Amarinder Singh.

Messers(sic) Karat, Nilotpal, Yechury, Dasgupta, Mulayam etc spouting illogical and anti-national nonsense in TV studios and in front of paid clueless crowds is one thing.

Messers Karat, Nilotpal, Yechury, Dasgupta, Mulayam framing policy? Brrrrrrrrrr!!!

Rajnath, wake up!! Do something!!