Vantage point

Friday, March 03, 2006

Butterfly Effect?

George Bush, the American President orders an attack on Afghanistan in 2001 and a group of people goes on rampage in Hyderabad and Bihar, throwing stones at innocent people who choose to not participate in their protests and destroys private property belonging to Indians.

Jerry Falwell, some right-wing nut sitting in USA calls Muhammad a terrorist, and a group of people in Solapur goes on rampage, destroying private property, and killing several innocent Indian people who choose not to join in their protests.

A newspaper in faraway Denmark publishes cartoons that portray Muhammad as a terrorist and a group of people in Lucknow take out a protest march, again disrupting life, and damaging private property.

The same place, same people, a fortnight later, Bush comes visiting, and this time the protests are stepped up a notch, leading to deaths.

So Indian deaths have happened and Indian property has been damaged as a fallout of the actions and words of people in America, Afghanistan and Denmark.

Bizarre, eh? What could be the reason? Who knows?

Must be the Butterfly Effect.