Vantage point

Friday, March 03, 2006

2007 Ahoy

Maybe it is just confirmation bias on my part, but I get the feeling that the Indian test team does not go into battle with as much preparation as the ODI team does. It's not just that the collapses seem more frequent and the problem of dismissing the tail is recurring. There seems to be a lot less planning. The team usually seems to be waiting for something to happen rather than making something happen. Over the last few years, the Indian team usually gave the impression of playing good session-by-session cricket. Now it seems to take it day-by-day. And if a plan doesn't work and some sort of a fightback starts developing from the other side, we never seem to have a counter-plan in place.

By contrast the ODI team has grown leaps and bounds.

Is Greg Chappell focusing too much on the 2007 World Cup and forgeting that test cricket is after all the real cricket?