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Friday, January 20, 2006

In Luck Now

This small blogging hiatus has been necessitated by my trip to Lucknow to conduct the General Quiz at IIML's annual fest - Manfest. Have been busy with the quiz for the last few days. Am in Lucknow presently, making this post from the very Comp Centre from which I submitted several term papers, asignments, CVs and of course, blog posts.

Returning to the city and the campus after almost two years is, needless to say, evoking an acute sense of nostalgia. And it is also making me realise that the contribution of the people in the memories associated with any place is overwhelmingly high. For the past few hours, I have been looking aroudn me, hoping to run into some familiar face from my batch, maybe even my class, whom I can take to the Nestle stall, the mess, the canteen, or to one of the several restaurants in the city to catch up on all the old times.

It just isn't the same though.

After having travelled in Jet, sahara and Spicejet throughout my "flying career", my debut with Indian Airlines....make that Indian.... was should I put it... interesting. :)

I had no idea that the Bombay-Lucknow flight wasn't a direct one. So as the hustle-bustle of my co-passengers removing their luggage from the overhead compartments woke me up from the proverbial deep dream of peace, I assumed we had landed in Lucknow. I gathered my measly luggage, and stepped out on the tarmac, thinking to myself, "Man, this airport looks almost exactly like the Delhi airport". Just as I was about to get into the airline's bus, I noticed the name of the airport and was taken aback. panic set in. In the inevitable somnambulance asociated with catching an early morning flight, had I pulled a Home-Alone-2 and boarded the wrong one?

In a few minutes, the gruff but helpful airline staff had made me aware of the truth. It was the scheduled stopover at Delhi.

Very happening few minutes though.

So the quiz happens tomorrow. Am thinking of posting the questions on my blog and having an "online quiz".