Vantage point

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Good Ole Inzy

Inzamam, apart from being one of the best batsmen in the world, and a genuine nice guy, can also be a source of entertainment thanks to a quality of his which, due toi lack of a better word, will have to be termed as cuteness.

Just saw an interview of his on the hindi channel Aajtak, where talking about pitches, thanks to his Punjabified pronunciation, he unwittingly made an amazing pun.

He said - Pitch jo hai aisi honi chahiye jispe batsman bhi kheley, fast bowler ko bhi sport miley, spinner ko bhi sport miley, aisi sporting wicket honi chahiye

Nope, he didn't have his English mixed up. In Punju pronunciation, "support" comes out "sport". So all he was saying was, he wants a sporting pitch which will support pacers and support spinners.

Inzy man, please retire so we can go back to hating the Pakistan cricket team. Afridi will ensure that.

Speaking of Afridi, yes, we may not like him much in India, but he sure is the most popular player in Pakistan. Did you see how the stands started emptying as soon as Afridi was dismissed on the last day? I bet that thousands marched out in the time that it took for Afridi to walk from the pitch to the dressing room.