Vantage point

Friday, October 28, 2005

Chhain Ki Neend Sona Hai Toh Ab...JAAG JAO!!

Loosely translated, it means "If you want to sleep peacefully, then....WAKE UP!!!"

If any of you folks have got the context, then you will realise why I am relishing making this post. If you folks haven't got the context, then it means you are living in an ignorant world, unaware of the foremost entertainer on Indian television.

This remarkable man would make Rajnikant, Mithunda and Suhaib Ilyasi throw in a collective towel. What makes him even more remarkable is the fact that he is not acting, or playing a part. He is just being himself!

Sadly, I am not sure what his name is. All I remember is that it starts with an "R". He hosts the show 'Crime Reporter' on Zee News every night. The show itself is more about sensationalism than vigilantism. It usually features one crime related to sex, either a "high-society-call-girl-racket" or an MMS scandal, one crime about fraud, one about a gruesome murder, and a few more crimes, according to that week's flavour. With such content, you would scarcely expect the most shocking and sensational feature of the show to be its host.

But this man defies explanation, challenges imagination, and boggles the mind. His looks, his mannerisms, his gestures, his voice, everything is hilarious.

This blog, where I can only write, is not a medium sufficiently equipped to explain the hilarity that the man inspires. To use an oft-quoted cliche, he is like the Matrix. No one can be told what he is. You have to watch him yourself.

So watch the 'Crime Reporter' on Zee News whenever you can. And after you have spent the better part of an hour rolling on the floor laughing, drop me a mail to thank me for uncovering this gem.