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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Where did they go?

Where did they go?

Where did those actors go? Such fine men, with so much promise.....not to excel in films but to generate enough ham to solve India's malnutrition problems.

Where did they go?

Every year, dozens of actors play the lead in a hindi movie, sign a few movies more, and then disappear forever into the abyss of anonymity. This post was inspired on spotting one such admirable citizen of our country - Armaan Kohli.

Some TV channel was playing the movie 'Virodhi', which I am sure must have been produced by his pop, Rajkumar Kohli. This movie, presumably sponsored by Mani Shankar Aiyyar's Ministry, considering the propensity of its characters to douse oil over people and set them alight, stars an ageing Dharmendra as Armaan's elder brother. Now Dharmedra is no Olivier-meets-Deniro when it comes to acting. But he comes across as the epitome of good acting when you compare him to Armaan Kohli's performance in the movie.

So where did this fine once-young man go? Why isn't he starring in movies any more? Has his dad run out of money?

We must make it a collective mission to hunt out these forgotten heroes and make fun of them. We must watch their movies, pausing the CDs after every scene and guffaw with laughter at their pathetic attempts at acting.

Acting standards are lax in Bollywood. But shouldn't these folks at least be decently good-looking?

It's not just that they are ugly..... they are SO ugly that the producers of the movies should display a notice saying - "No mirrors self-destructed during the making of this film".