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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Parnab Update - 1

A friend of mine (whose name is being concealed on his request) was intrigued on reading my post on Parnab. Googling, he came across several tall claims.

Take for instance this intro on the NIT Rourkela site -

(Parnab Mukherjee)Graduated with a B.A. in Journalism from Pennsylvania State University.

Now this is the mail which my friend got from Penn State -


We have conducted a thorough search within our Records from 1855-
Present and have not located any records of any student with the
name "Parnab Mukherjee" having attending Penn State.

Please be aware that the search was conducted within this name
parameter only -- first name of Parnab, Last Name of Mukherjee and
First name of Mukherjee and Last name of Parnab.

If there is any other spelling or deviation of this name, there is a
chance a record exists.

As it is, I can verify no one by the name of "Parnab Mukherjee"
received a BA in Journalism degree from The Pennsylvania State

If you are able to provide any other names, other spellings of the
name, social Security or PSU ID number along with approximate dates
of when the degree was awarded, we would be happy to conduct a
second search. If you can provide a current address for Mr.
Mukherjee, we would follow up with him regarding the statement on
his web site regarding the degree.

Thank you,
Kaye Keith ( )

I wonder what NIT Rourkela has to say about this. Not only does the Penn State Univ debunk claims of his studying there, they want the current address of Mr. Mukherjee to follow up with him regarding the claims. If anyone has his address, please mail it to me.

Now regarding his claims about a PhD in Economics from Princeton -

We can't verify that a Parnab graduated but we do have individuals with that last name and other first names who have completed degrees here. Is it possible that the individual would use another first name? Also, do you have an approximate year because our records in our computer database are since 1972. I am copying the Certificate Department on this email so they can look into your inquiry further. Please send any other emails to or

Maureen Killeen

Watch this space for more......