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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

BJP - Bad at Boxing

The BJP's shooting-in-the-foot continues.

They have demanded the resignation of the Union Home Minister as well as the U.P. Home Minister "on moral grounds" for failing to prevent the Ayodhya attack. They say it is intelligence failure, security breach, blah blah.

By taking this knee-jerk stance, they merely throw themselves open to more scrutiny and ridicule. Do the BJP leaders think that the people of India, and the media persons, not to mention the Congress, has forgotten all the attacks that took place during the NDA rule?

The attack on the parliament which led to the death of a few guards and the Akshardham attack which saw 30 innocent civilians killed, were surely greater events of terrorism in magnitude. On the contrary, in Ayodhya, all six terrorists were killed, and only one civilian died.

The mature reaction from the BJP should have been to condemn the attack, but not ask for any resignations.

Considering how many soft spots the BJP leaves open for attack, the party members would not make good boxers.

Speaking of violent sports, did anyone see Togadia yelling at the top of his voice on TV? I am sure even these guys don't exert their larynx so much. There were reports of some rabble at a nearby construction site actually being roused.