Vantage point

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bored of Boards

You know what is wrong with cricket today?

Well, lots of things, but at the top of the list is the top itself, i.e the people in charge of running cricket. As a cricket fan, I am sick and tired of the nonsense most cricket boards around the world are up to. As an Indian I tend to think that it is the BCCI which is the most screwed up body in world cricket, but a look around the world for the past few years has shown that almost each and every cricket board has nincompoops running the game. No wonder then that the game's popularity is still restricted to the same places as half a century back. And if you are going to say that cricket has too many rules, or is too slow to be universally popular, even if the administration shapes up, measure the adrenaline rush golf watchers get and tell me.

The BCCI has not been able to come up with a procedure to sell lucrative TV rights for over a year now. Surely, it can't be as difficult as it is being made out to be.

The $ 20 bn Ambani empire has been divided, but the puny Sri Lanka Cricket is still tangled in management issues.

Pakistan Cricket Board is still being run by army lackeys and yes men.

The Zimbabweans want affirmative action in team selection. How nice! The South Africans are resisting the idea so far, but their government is pressuring hard.

The West Indian Cricket Board feels that the players are its slaves, and feels that it can name any 11 guys and they will magically develop the skills to be a class team.

The ECB, Cricket Australia and the New Zealand board, as if almost ashamed by any lack of such problems keep digging up issues like player safety in Kenya, Mugabe in Zimbabwe, and Alice in Wonderland.

Lording(pardon the pun) over them is the ICC, which is as toothless as a ninety year old with a calcium deficiency, which gets its jollies by coming up with more and more medieval rules to punish players.