Vantage point

Monday, April 18, 2005

Delho Bor Ast, Again!

What was worse than the defeat at the hands of Pakistan was the disgraceful behaviour of the crowd which started throwing bottles at the Pakitani fielders after it became clear that India would not win the match. The boorish behaviour of the Delhi crowd is absolutely inexcusable.

What makes it even more shameful is that exactly a year ago, in Lahore, a city considered as the Pakistani clone of Delhi, the crowd was so graceful in defeat. At that time too, a home team had played bizarre cricket to lose after being 2-1 up in the series. At that time too, the visiting team was an arch rival. But the crowd at Lahore took defeat in a stride. Even in Rawalpindi, on the last day of the third test, a decentish crowd had turned up even though a Pakistan defeat was sure. They clucked their tongues when wickets fell, cheered in confusion as the supposedly injured Shoaib played a six-filled-cameo, but in the end, they applauded the Indian victory.

Even in Bangalore, where the Indian team surrendered the test, the crowds were appreciative of the Pakistani performance, took defeat with a shrug, and cheered wwwhen Inzamam and Ganguly shared the trophy.

As Jug Suraiya and I have said in the past, Delhi Boor Ast.