Vantage point

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Sania Marches on and on....

Sania Mirza seems to have a quality very few Indian sportsmen possess - aggressive hunger. The person who has the maximum expectations out of Sania Mirza is Sania Mirza herself. Think about it, how many of us expected her to win a WTA title? And how many of us expected her to beat a top 10 player in straight sets?

I am sure not a single person can honestly claim it. The one person who believed it was Sania Mirza. It is only aggression mixed with hunger that can take her to victory over a World No. 6 after being 4-0 down, with an injured ankle.

I can't help but think that even if Sania Mirza were to stop playing right now, she would still count in my list of top Indian sportspersons of all time. But Sania's success lies in the fact that she doesn't think like you and me. She wants the moon, and I daresay, she's going to get it.